We execute thoughtful and prudent investment plans

At RCL, we combine unbiased insight and thoughtful financial guidance with best-in-class investment managers to construct customized portfolios that meet the specific needs of institutional clients.

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RCL is continually engaged in assessing the trends and opportunities that are resonating through domestic and world economies, and exploring how those themes might affect investments in various asset classes. These opinions form our overarching asset allocation strategy and guide us as we evaluate vetted investment managers for their ability to exploit those themes and deliver performance for the related asset class.

Our asset allocation strategies look beyond traditional investments to include emerging markets, enhanced fixed-income vehicles, opportunistic and absolute return investments, as well as private equity, real estate, energy and natural resources. Four carefully observed investment beliefs guide all our asset allocation decisions:

  • Diversification by asset class can increase return and reduce risk
  • Active management can exploit inefficiencies in certain market segments
  • Alternative investments can reduce portfolio risk and gain access to investment talent
  • Integrating asset allocation with insightful manager research and selection provides the greatest opportunity to add value

In conjunction with this, we carefully consider a manager or asset class’ compliance with client mandates. We have extensive experience working within a broad range of investment mandates. Every investment program that we construct is unique, based on a thorough assessment of the mandates, funding strategies, present and future obligations, risk budget and any tax liabilities to the portfolio or its beneficiaries – allowing us to construct a strategic plan designed to meet fiduciary and enterprise goals and expectations.