Portfolios benefit from our access to a robust solution set

Many investment consultants are often constrained in the investment solution set that they may bring to their clients. If their firm offers proprietary investments or asset management services, they may not offer investment solutions of a competitor. We believe no single firm delivers the “best” insights or manages every top investment option. How can you effectively fulfill your fiduciary responsibility when your consultant may not have your best interests at heart?

RCL Advisors offers clients a truly open architecture universe of investment solutions. We are not confined to the platform of a single financial services or investment firm. We have no constraints on our ability to identify and recommend high quality and prudent solutions.

We identify best-in-class managers through an exacting and often collaborative process that includes industry data bases, proprietary referrals from other institutional investors, insights and research from our strategic alliances, and the direct solicitation by world-class investment firms.

An exacting due diligence process

due diligence process.png