RCL Advisors, LLC. was founded in 2007 with the goal of serving as a truly independent, passionate advocate for our clients’ comprehensive wealth management needs.

RCL was founded on the tenacity and collective professional expertise exemplified by founders Barbara Raasch, William Cafero, and Gary Langham who worked together at two leading financial institutions prior to achieving their shared vision in 2007:To create a firm based on the principles of stewardship and true objectivity in addressing clients’ unique wealth management priorities and objectives.

RCL has grown to stand for the three pillars which we are founded onReliability, Clarity and Longevity.

Today, RCL has grown to become one of the largest independent investment advisory firms in the country.  The experience and knowledge of the firm’s people are key elements in making RCL one of the premier wealth management organizations.  RCL’s partners have over 80 years of industry experience, while the associates and staff combine for an additional 80 years.

The wealth management industry is constantly evolving.  The number of providers and their roles continue to evolve, often confusing investors.  Investment solutions, such as hedge funds, alternatives packaged as mutual funds, and an ever-expanding list of asset classes make the environment even more complicated than ever before.  

The understanding of roles by the end client is often not fully grasped or appreciated. Therefore, clients are more eager to have a single firm as their point of contact.  However, the complexities of how firms are paid often adds to the confusion and can create unnecessary risks.  By being involved in the overall financial planning process and by having no conflicts of interest in the implementation of a client’s goals, RCL can be trusted to be singularly focused on serving client’s needs.