How should I integrate my employer stock plans into my investment strategy?

For corporate executives, the company stock they hold presents a unique challenge in designing and maintaining the investment strategy to meet their objectives.  Our decades of experience analyzing investment pros and cons as well as income tax implications for various company stock plans allows us to have special insights in integrating them into the overall financial plan of corporate executives.  Considering the cash flow, income tax as well as portfolio diversification ramifications in a risk-adjusted manner is critical in maximizing the benefits of company stock awards when managing incentive stock options, non-qualified stock options, restricted stock awards, and performance share units. 

If company stock is part of your compensation package and/or you have a concentrated stock position in your portfolio, we will assist you in developing strategies designed to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.  In doing so, we will be cognizant of any company holding requirements, blackout periods, SEC Rule 10b5-1 requirements, and any SEC Rule 144 or other restrictions.   We can also assist in maximizing the benefits of Employee Stock Purchase Plans and net unrealized appreciation of company stock in qualified plans, if applicable.