How can I help my children prepare for their own financial futures?

Financial literacy is an important issue for us. We recognize the importance of getting the next generation up to speed on financial matters that will help them achieve their own goals and dreams. The days of corporate pensions are basically over with the burden of achieving financial independence shifting to the individual. This creates a call to action to self educate and be diligent in creating and sticking to a financial plan. At RCL Advisors, we encourage our clients to get their children involved in their own financial decisions. We also encourage teaching their children key issues and helping them implement their own plans. We focus on teaching the next generation basic topics such as budgeting and debt management as well as putting together a plan to save for short, intermediate, and long term goals. We educate them concerning their company-sponsored retirement savings plans as well as the opportunities available in utilizing additional savings plans such as Roth IRAs. We are happy to spend the time teaching them the basics of investing, showing them what is involved in developing a diversified investment strategy, and helping them assess the numerous solutions available to them when implementing their portfolio. Helping them understand income taxes is another critical component of our educational program, along with topics such as insurance planning, buying a home, leasing versus buying a car, managing student debt, maximizing employee benefits, estate planning, and the financial considerations associated with starting and raising a family. These are are some of the areas we are prepared to address as we strive to make sure our client’s children are as prepared as possible for the important decisions they will need to make throughout their lives.