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Working With Institutions

Client advocacy guides all that we do

1We start by understanding who you are and what you want to achieve

2We evaluate this information to construct a strategic plan that meets your fiduciary obligations and enterprise goals and expectations.


3We provide ongoing comprehensive, customized services to fiduciaries.

  • Evaluate your fiduciary, enterprise and other important responsibilities and risks.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your current situation, processes and policies.
  • Understand the risk/return mandates and expectations for the portfolio, as well as your institution’s and participants’ overarching objectives.
  • Assess the fiduciary awareness of all decision makers and investment stewards.
  • Identify the mandates, funding strategies, present and future obligations, as well as any tax issues for the portfolio or its beneficiaries.
  • Identify areas of risk and fiduciary liability.
  • Recommend a remedial risk management plan as well as a fiduciary best practices plan.
  • Recommend one or more portfolio construction scenarios.
  • Conduct rigorous due diligence to identify top managers and investment solutions.
  • Propose a formal investment plan.
  • Provide participant education.
  • Provide governance and fiduciary risk management.
  • Conduct asset allocation studies.
  • Create an investment policy statement.
  • Provide investment policy statement compliance reviews.
  • Conduct manager/fund search and selection.
  • Oversee vendor search and selection.
  • Provide cost/benefit analysis of your current service providers.
  • Offer fiduciary orientation and education.
  • Measure and evaluate performance

Our advice and guidance is driven and defined by one tenet — the best interests of our clients are our only interests.